EBG is a leading manufacturing resource for Non-Inductive Thick Film resistors, producing standardized and customized resistors since 1977. EBG concentrates on developing highly reliable product lines to fill the creative requirements of the design engineer in today’s fast moving world.

Our manufacturing process is state-of-the-art, producing reliable precision resistors for your high voltage, high power, and pulse loading needs. We offer Ohmic value ranges of 0.0005 to 30 Gig Ohm; voltages of 1 to 96kV; wattages of 1 to 1700 Watts and tolerances of +/-0.1% to +/- 10%. Our normal lead time for standard or custom products is 8 weeks or less.

EBG is constantly developing new products. Our current product range consists of over 350 standard and custom models of high voltage resistors, power resistors, pulse resistors, current sense resistors, load resistors, high power resistors, and matched divider resistor sets. EBG uses many standard sizes in our cylindrical resistors, flat resistors, TO220 resistors, TO247 resistors, SOT227 resistors, and many custom power resistor footprints to meet today’s ever changing IGBT packages for ease of use and installation.

All EBG products are produced according to ROHS